About us
Company History
Distributors Warehouse Inc. began as a blacksmith shop in Midway, Illinois in 1934. Founder Wilson Korte later opened a Standard Service gas station in Metropolis, Illinois to cater more toward "horseless carriages." He also began to sell auto parts, and by the early 1960's had built the business into a five store chain of auto parts stores in Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee called IKT Service.

In the late 1960's Distributors Warehouse Inc. was formed from this company to supply not only the company's own parts stores, but also the growing number of independent jobbers in the market. A distribution center was built in Paducah, Kentucky in 1968, and was expanded in 1993 to give us 70,000 square feet of space for the facility. It continues to be the main office for our company today.

In 1980 our company joined four other automotive parts warehouse distributors as charter members of a marketing group called All Pro Auto Parts. This group continued to grow through early 2000, when it merged with Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts and eventually phased the All Pro name out. Today Bumper to Bumper and Auto Value form the two marketing arms of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, which provides our company and stores marketing and purchasing leverage to keep us as leaders in the markets we cover.

In addition to our Paducah facility, our company currently has nineteen other stores located in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Arkansas. We continue to serve independent jobbers in all of these states plus Missouri, with daily delivery to every customer.

Throughout these 70+ years of existence, our company has been blessed with exceptional team members who really care about customer service. We understand that our customer's success drives our success, and our team is committed to providing the programs and services necessary to ensure that success!