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Company History
We would like to introduce you to the DWI family. Also, see some of our staff photos below.

Steve Korte President
Walter Korte Corp. Store General Manager
Jenny Devers Corp. Store Operations
Mike Suiter Sales Manager
David Latham Purchasing Manager
Jeff Galloway Purchasing
Jim Epperheimer Sales Representative
Ed Hickey Sales Representative
Nick Kaczmarski Sales Representative
Kevin "Zig" Ziegler Sales Representative
Pat Weber Whse. Manager (Evansville, Diamond Ave.)
David Latham Whse. Manager (Paducah)
Matt Norin Customer Service Manager
Jacob Culver Customer Service
Sheri Andrews Information Systems Manager
Jordan Davenport Information Systems
Rebekah Tatum Information Systems
Jenny Devers Personnel & Insurance
Michelle Collins Accounts Payable Manager
Christine Broadway Accounts Payable
Grace White Marketing Coordinator

Chris Broadway

Dave Cherry

David Latham

Grace Korte

Jenny Devers

Kevin Page

Sheri Andrews

Stacey May & Sarah McIntosh

Stan Windhorst

Steve Korte & Walter Korte